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Life's Mysterious Ways

Tis Bliss & Bittersweet Irony

I hardly come on here. It's been a few months since I transitioned from the Pacific Northwest Down Towards central California. I haven't bothered to update my profile until now. I don't find myself often using this, so that might be why this gets neglected in terms of updating.

For the most part, my entries that I do manage to post will focus on my interests with my cats, my new surroundings, and the adventures of my Pullips.

I have a plethora of TV favorites, from animated (Kim Possible, Teen Titans, Avatar: the Last Airbender), Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Heroes, Charmed), to drama and comedy (House, Medium, Bones, Ghost Whisper, among others).

I've also taken an interest in certain types of dolls. Not Barbie mind you though---traditional conventional girls dolls just don't appeal to me. I prefer some bit of a realism to them, especially when it concerns the eyes. Lines I've taken to and have a thriving 'group' of are Pullips (Taeyang, minis, and Dal as well :) ) I have one MSD, A B&G Girl called Sadako.

I'm an animal lover, with cats being my major focus in that department. I have two now: Fuzzy (orange ball of fur with a bit of tabby heritage) & Raven (a tortie who's mostly a charcoal black in color).

I love being creative artistically, in all different forms of the word. I'm going to be looking into furthering my education with arts and literature here in Seattle when I get around to it. Art is a big portion of what makes up my life---who I am.

Art doesn't just cover the visual interest in that respect. I have taken an interest in artistic forms of literature as well, from poetry and lyrics of song to more venturous forms of would be novellas. I've got the creative drive and ideas to suit it, but have yet to fully apply it. I hope to delve further into it as time progresses.

I don't tend to post much, as I don't come on that often to really do so. I might get more active once I'm moved and settled yet again.